Superstar Nano X Evo Short Term Pedal Review

They just slipped to the back of my mind, whilst I concentrated on having fun riding. They're also cracking value for money especially considering they are made here in the UK. Add to that, the cool mix of colours available and a choice in pin length for customising your grip levels and it's clear to see that Superstar are really onto a winner here

Ride Local

There are many forms of cycling that may pique your interest, some easier to get involved in than others. Take road cycling as an example. You need only step out of your front door to find yourself on a road, a road that links to another and another, a whole interconnected network of tarmac on which to roll and readily available maps and apps to help you navigate. But what if you favour knobbly tyres and dirt over slicks and tarmac?

Fenix BC30R 2017 Edition

Effectively this light shares many things in common with the previous model, in fact, it looks identical which isn't a bad thing. So why has Fenix made a 2017 edition, well think of it as a mk2 or a version 2.0. They've taken what was already a very good light and given it a little extra lemon drizzle.