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MTS Folkslight Bike Light Review

This has to be one of the most customisable lights on the market. With interchangeable Optics to adjust the beam pattern, loads of mode options and mounting options. All out puts and run times are claimed manufactures figures.

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The Stats are:

• Double LED light, LED Typ: Cree XM-L, selected.
• Up to total nominal light output of 2000 lumens.
• 2 Lenses, 20 mm, beam angle 17° and elliptical
18° x 45°.
• Housing and mount: Plastics, several designs.
• Lightbody: Aluminium.
• Water resistant to splashes of water, jet-water and
occasional immersion according to industry standard IP67.
• Battery: Li-Ion, typ 18650 (Only MyTinySun permitted
batteries are allowed).
• USB port with charging function (0.5 - 2.0A at each USB
port) for internal batteries and software update function.
• 9 axes motion sensor for controlling via movement.
• Front side located light sensor for controlling via light.
• Temperature for operating and storage: -20° - +60°
• Dimensions (mm) ca.: L 100 x H 52 x D 44.
Weight ca.: 230 g

Where to buy:

Instruction Manual:

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