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Bike light of the year 2015

Bike light of the year 2015

As the new year edges ever nearer it seems appropriate to wrap things up with top ten's and best of's. So I've compiled a short list of my favourite bike lights of 2015 including my raspberry award for the worst light of the year, all as tested and reviewed by the brighter cyclist.  Without further ado, let's jump right in.

Mountain bike light of the year 2015

Lumicycle Explorer Cost: £284.95 Cost: As tested £514.95 (pair)

This has to be that standout light of 2015. It was the brightest on test this year (3500 lumens) and  also has some brilliant new tech crammed into the compact light heads that I've been begging for, for years. When used as pair these industrially designed units can be controlled from one switch. Sounds like a small thing but it really helps in the heat of battle, flick that switch before you dive down the next bit of single track and both lights will change modes at the same time. Keeping your hands on the bars and your mind on the job at hand.   

Budget mountain bike light of 2015

Magicshine MJ-858 Cost: £59.95

This light from Magicshine was a bit of a surprise, with its ridiculously compact light head it pumps out a claimed 1000 lumen's and has generous runtimes thanks to its 4 cell battery pack. The light works well on the bars but can also be helmet mounted with an optional strap, which is where it's compact size makes it almost unnoticeable on your helmet. The MJ 858 really is great value for money. 

Road & Commuter bike light of the year 2015

Fenix BC30R Cost: £120

The BC30R from Fenix has several interesting features, the most obvious is the screen on top of the light that keeps you informed on remaining runtime which is reassuring on extended rides. Another great feature is the remote button that allows you to temporarily boost the lights output or flash traffic. It's a simple feature that really helps boost your confidence on the road. The light also has a great beam pattern that's cut off at the top making less dazzling to other road users. But the fun doesn't have to stop on the road at 800Lumens on high it's bright enough to take offroad. All in all a great multipurpose self-contained bike light.

Budget road & Commuter bike light of the year 2015

Magicshine Eagle 600 Cost: £59.99

The eagle 600 as the name suggests puts out 600 lumens. The light is motorist friendly thanks to its special optic lens that helps put the light down on the road rather than dazzling approaching traffic, it has full and dipped beam modes. This was the only other light tested this year with a runtime screen rather than the traffic light system traditional used to gauge remaining battery levels. Although not as easy to view as the screen on the Fenix it was still reassuring to know how much remaining runtime you had left in hours and minutes.

Raspberry award winner2015

Thorfire BLO1 Cost: £32.99

It's fair to say I'm a bit nerdy, I enjoy testing bike lights and it takes a reasonable amount of time to test, record, write and edit reviews.  Which is why it was a real shame to waste time on this. I would certainly recommend avoiding this one altogether.  

Fenix BC21R Bike Light Unboxing

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