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The Do's and Don'ts of buying Chinese bike lights

I'll give you some back story, I purchased a Yinding bike light for review which quiet frankly was pants and half finished. Which was very disappointing after hearing all the good experiences on MTBR Forums. I've had some people mention to me that they've had good and bad experiences with these lights and other lights like the Solar Storm X2 etc. I know that sometimes it looks like your buying the same light but sometimes its actually not. So I'm working on a video for my youtube channel (Previously called TheSpankedOne )

My Idea is to put a video together of the Top 5 do's and don'ts when buying Chinese bike lights. To help guide people through the gearbest / deal extreme jungle of lights.



My top 5 do's so far

1) DO your research, Check out cycling forums like MTBR etc they are a great pool of knowledge

2) DO more research on the vendor, is it a secure website do they have good customer feed back.

3)Can it be purchased locally, even if it costs a little extra? This should help eliminate any issues with shipping with shorter delivery times. It also gives you better buyer protection.

4)Pay via paypal or purchase on Amazon. You'll benefit from the payment protection they offer if things go missing in the post or if the product isn't as described

5)Invest in a better battery. Notoriously the weakest point of these lights, A good battery from a reputable supplier should be more reliable. Also you can then keep the battery and buy a new light head for when the next fancy batch of brighter leds have been released

The Dont's

1)Don't say you've Just brought your self a 5000000lm cree bike light. You know that's BS.

2)Don't forget about delivery charges and potential import charges

3)Don't leave it charging unattended. Much like leaving a lit candle, it may be fine all by itself. It may burn your house down with all you bikes inside, the kids and the family pets. (This one goes for any electrical item tbh)

4)Don't get your hopes up, even after all the research, tracking down the right light, waiting for it to be delivered etc. It may still be a turd in a box. But if your lucky it might be bright reliable an freaking awesome


That's my list so far. Do you agree / disagree, would you add anything?



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