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Shimano M089 MTB SPD Shoes 2015

So this is one of Shimano latest trail shoes, along with the release of their new range of enduro shoes comes a new buzz word "Torbal". This new marketing portmanteau is a combination of the words Torsional & Balance which according to Shimano the "TORSIONAL SOLE ALLOWS NATURAL RIDER “FLOW” MOTION."  I've always thought my riding needed more "FLOW MOTION." Put simply the sole has been designed so that the heel can flex improving bike control whilst still being stiff enough for efficient pedalling.

Buzzwords aside, I brought these because they are available in wide fit for my fat feet, they're light, slim and come in nice mud friendly muted colours. I really do need to get out and put some miles on these to truly test the M089’s to see if they'll give me more "flow motion" Hopefully they won't disappoint

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