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Rhino Goo Concentrated, is it any good? Bike cleaner review

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Rhino goo concentrated bike cleaner is a little different to your traditional cleaners. The £20 bottle of concentrate also comes with two empty spray bottles (1L, 250ml) and can be used neat as an effective drive train cleaner or watered down to produce a general purpose bike cleaner.
     When The goo arrived from Amazon I set straight to work filling up the empty 1-litre spray bottle. The special dosing bottle that the concentrate comes in is very easy to use, simply tip the bottle upside down and the second compartment fills with 60ml of concentrate. With the lid removed you can pour out the 60ml dose without emptying the entire bottle. 4 x 60ml doses will yield 1-litre of general purpose bike cleaner and from the entire 1-litre of concentrate you'll get 4-litres of general purpose cleaner.  The cleaner can be used neat on your drive train. that's where the 250ml bottle comes in. In use the spray bottles are nicer than your average off the shelf squirters allowing you to quickly and easily spray your bike and the cleaner quickly lifts dirt and grime leaving your bike and drive train nice and clean.

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