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There are many forms of cycling that may pique your interest, some easier to get involved in than others. Take road cycling as an example. You need only step out of your front door to find yourself on a road, a road that links to another and another, a whole interconnected network of tarmac on which to roll and readily available maps and apps to help you navigate. But what if you favour knobbly tyres and dirt over slicks and tarmac?

Wharncliffe and Grenocide "Greno" Woods

So I asked the guys where they wanted to go, they hit me with the standard reply of "I don't mind." My brother pipes up and said no to peaks. He's put on some weight and wouldn't keep up. I fancied heading somewhere new. Thinking back to my uni days I remembered riding at Wharncliffe woods on a trip where I just jumped in a van and followed my mates down, steep, woodland tracks before smashing some beers down the pub. The memory is a general blur of beer and good times... So I pulled up google to do a bit of research and generally the information was pretty rubbish. So I hope to rectify the situation and help any of you that fancy riding there.

French road trip. Riding the Gorges du Tarn.

When someone offers you a few days riding with a random French man in the middle of nowhere, a 13hr 800 mile drive away, who would say no? My buddy the Brighter cyclist gives me a call. He Said “I met a random French guy at Chicksands today. He was on his way back from Fort William and we ended up riding together. Well, he’s invited us to come be guinea pigs for his new company Enduro Session. It's in Millau for 3 days of Enduro stages set to be in the world series next year.”  Before he could finish explaining I interrupted “F*** it lets go.” “Roooaaaddd Trrriiippp!”

4 Things you need to know about plus tyres

It's been hard to ignore plus tyres, with more and more chubby tyred bikes seemingly released almost daily. The key benefits to plus tyres are; grip, stability and the ability to smooth out the terrain. All of which is true, but there's also a few things you should know before taking the leap. So my list of the 4 things you need to know about plus tyres. 

Santa Cruz Hightower C S+ Review

So this is Santa Cruz's latest bike, the Hightower shares some strong DNA with the Bronson which is Santa Cruz's much loved aggressive trail / all mountain bike. The Hightower adds 29" wheels and 27.5" plus compatibility into the mix to create a big wheeled trail monster.